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Ribbed Condoms Pakistan

Ribbed Condoms Pakistan come with circular ribs on the outer surface running along the length of the condom. The ribs are tiny projections that are designed to stimulate her and add great sensation during intercourse. The ribs are soft, yet rigid enough to stimulate both the partners. The friction created due to the ribs is sure to make her quiver in pleasure.

When the tiny projections of the rib rub against the pleasure points in the soft tissues of her vagina, she will feel heightened stimulation as you move your organ inside out. Ribbed condoms can provide excitement to both the partners as the spiral ribbing on the outer surface is for her to feel added stimulation, while the ribbing below the head will excite you to a great extent. The rows and rows of raised ribs, while rubbing against the skin during the intercourse will help you both experience unbelievable pleasure.

Ribbed Condoms Pakistan of myriad patterns are a big success with couples. Ribbed condoms have a unique appeal which never fails to allure couples. Ribbed condoms from the Condom Brands Moods, Kamasutra and Kohinoor are very easy to wear and are user friendly. They prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

They are designed in a specific way; this condom heightens the sexual pleasure of the couple to a great extent. Many couples feel that ribbed condoms provide an intimate relationship and do not dampen the sexual spirit. Ribbed condoms enhance the act of love making and gives immense pleasure to the couples and they are one of the best condom types available in the market.

Ribbed Condoms Pakistan – FAQs

What is a ribbed condom?

As the name suggests, ribbed condoms come with ridges and lines along the surface of the condom. The raised ridges and lines are specially designed to provide extra sensation to both partners during an intercourse.

This variant of condom ensures additional joy in bed as the raised lines can rub against the sensitive spots in the vaginal skin giving increased stimulation to a woman during the push in and push out. Ribbed condoms can make sex all the more intensive and pleasurable as the whole act can become exciting leading to an exploding orgasm.

The friction that can result while using a ribbed condom can induce more pleasure and would multiply the intensity of stimulation that a woman would experience during an intercourse and thus make the love making session all the more enjoyable. These condoms are ideal to try when you want to spice up your sex life and bring in a variety.

Do the ribs on condoms actually work as claimed: “ribbed for her pleasure”?

Ribbed condoms are produced after thorough research and it has proven beyond doubt that ribbed condoms enhance the pleasure quotient during sex and it enhances the quality of sex allowing both partners to experience greater satisfaction during sex and helps woman achieve exquisite orgasm, much better than what a woman could achieve under normal circumstances.

And that is exactly the reason why every leading condom brand across the world has a ribbed variant.

Can a ribbed condom help men delay ejaculation?

No. Ribbed Condoms Pakistan is something that comes with raised ridges all along the surface of the condom. It is meant to enhance the pleasure during sex as the ridges can provide intense sensations by rubbing against the moist vaginal walls during the dip in and dip out.

The condom cannot be used for delaying ejaculation. There are special variants called ‘delay condoms’ which come with a special chemical coating that can delay the ejaculation and allow men to perform longer than normal duration in bed by desensitizing the male organ.

Basically ribbed condoms are pleasure enhancers and cannot be used for delayed ejaculation.

What women feel about ‘ribbed condom’ experience?

Many women feel they get exploding vaginal orgasms when their men use ribbed condoms. For few women, it doesn’t make any difference as they are concerned only about intimacy and the passion with which their men indulge in sex with them. Experts opine that women love ribbed condom at the receiving end from the very fact that women love dildos and vibrators with ribbed surface. This goes to show that raised ridges in the ribbed condoms do excite women as the friction caused by the raised ridges and women’s vaginal skin provides greater stimulation leading to phenomenal satisfaction.

Does ribbed condom make the penetration painful and uncomfortable?

Few women have reported negatively about ribbed condoms. Some women have opined that ribbed condoms make sex uncomfortable and distraction. For few women sex becomes painful and they feel that their vagina is being sawed into pieces. For few others ribbed condoms hurt them a lot if it is not used with lubes.

Few women reported that ribbed condom give them an experience as if their vaginas are being scrapped. Further many reported that ribbed condom made them not able to have sex two days in a row as the day one makes them too sore and painful.

Some women needed lots of lubrication when it comes to using ribbed condoms for penetration. Applying and reapplying lubes every minute makes the whole act frustrating for both partners.

How pleasurable are ribbed condoms for men?

Actually men cannot feel any additional pleasure wearing a ribbed condom as the raised ridges are outside and it in no way touches his skin inside. But the pleasure they receive is seeing how their women react during every dip in and dip out.

Sex is all about giving and receiving pleasure.

When they know that they can make their women go wild and see them moaning in ultimate pleasure, which excites them beyond imagination and make them feel intensely aroused. Ribbed condoms don’t provide any direct pleasure to men rather gives them the power to make their women receive exhilarating pleasure during intercourse.

Which is the best condom? Ribbed, Dotted or Textured?

It depends as all the three are meant to enhance the quality of sex. But discreet surveys indicated that women find textured condoms rather painful as the textures are too much for them to handle as it hurts them a lot. Women compare ribbed and dotted as similar in its ability to make intercourse intensely pleasurable.

However opinions differ with women as their experiences are not the same always.

Do ribbed condoms increase pleasure during sex for the female?

It depends on the condom and the woman. The increase in pleasure also depends on the condom and the man. For many women clitoral stimulation leads to orgasm and they hardly get vaginal orgasm.

For such women ribbed condoms are of very little use. But for many others ribbed condoms increase pleasure than the normal skinny dipping as the raised ridges in the ribbed condoms provide a greater sensation leading to enormous pleasure during sex.

Women who don’t like ribbed condoms are advised to try variety of quality ribbed condoms from various brands to see difference in their experience and then come to a conclusion.

In majority of cases one brand may be uncomfortable while the other one could turn out to be a game changer.

What is the best condom for sex with lots of pleasure to both?

Ribbed condoms are known to provide greater pleasure to both partners. Women get greater stimulation and men can feel much better looking at their lover going wild with his action. The feeling can be awesome seeing her going wild with every thrust. Women can experience intense stimulation.

The intensity of stimulation they get out of a ribbed condom is incomparable and certainly not possible with a plain condom or with a bare skin.