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Ribbed Condoms Pakistan

Ribbed Condoms Pakistan come with circular ribs on the outer surface running along the length of the condom. The ribs are tiny projections that are designed to stimulate her and add great sensation during intercourse. The ribs are soft, yet rigid enough to stimulate both the partners. The friction created due to the ribs is sure to make her quiver in pleasure.

When the tiny projections of the rib rub against the pleasure points in the soft tissues of her vagina, she will feel heightened stimulation as you move your organ inside out. Ribbed condoms can provide excitement to both the partners as the spiral ribbing on the outer surface is for her to feel added stimulation, while the ribbing below the head will excite you to a great extent. The rows and rows of raised ribs, while rubbing against the skin during the intercourse will help you both experience unbelievable pleasure.

Ribbed Condoms Pakistan of myriad patterns are a big success with couples. Ribbed condoms have a unique appeal which never fails to allure couples. Ribbed condoms from the Condom Brands Moods, Kamasutra and Kohinoor are very easy to wear and are user friendly. They prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

They are designed in a specific way; this condom heightens the sexual pleasure of the couple to a great extent. Many couples feel that ribbed condoms provide an intimate relationship and do not dampen the sexual spirit. Ribbed condoms enhance the act of love making and gives immense pleasure to the couples and they are one of the best condom types available in the market.

Ribbed Condoms Pakistan – FAQs

What is a ribbed condom?

As the name suggests, ribbed condoms come with ridges and lines along the surface of the condom. The raised ridges and lines are specially designed to provide extra sensation to both partners during an intercourse.

This variant of condom ensures additional joy in bed as the raised lines can rub against the sensitive spots in the vaginal skin giving increased stimulation to a woman during the push in and push out. Ribbed condoms can make sex all the more intensive and pleasurable as the whole act can become exciting leading to an exploding orgasm.

The friction that can result while using a ribbed condom can induce more pleasure and would multiply the intensity of stimulation that a woman would experience during an intercourse and thus make the love making session all the more enjoyable. These condoms are ideal to try when you want to spice up your sex life and bring in a variety.

Do the ribs on condoms actually work as claimed: “ribbed for her pleasure”?

Ribbed condoms are produced after thorough research and it has proven beyond doubt that ribbed condoms enhance the pleasure quotient during sex and it enhances the quality of sex allowing both partners to experience greater satisfaction during sex and helps woman achieve exquisite orgasm, much better than what a woman could achieve under normal circumstances.

And that is exactly the reason why every leading condom brand across the world has a ribbed variant.

Can a ribbed condom help men delay ejaculation?

No. Ribbed Condoms Pakistan is something that comes with raised ridges all along the surface of the condom. It is meant to enhance the pleasure during sex as the ridges can provide intense sensations by rubbing against the moist vaginal walls during the dip in and dip out.

The condom cannot be used for delaying ejaculation. There are special variants called ‘delay condoms’ which come with a special chemical coating that can delay the ejaculation and allow men to perform longer than normal duration in bed by desensitizing the male organ.

Basically ribbed condoms are pleasure enhancers and cannot be used for delayed ejaculation.

What women feel about ‘ribbed condom’ experience?

Many women feel they get exploding vaginal orgasms when their men use ribbed condoms. For few women, it doesn’t make any difference as they are concerned only about intimacy and the passion with which their men indulge in sex with them. Experts opine that women love ribbed condom at the receiving end from the very fact that women love dildos and vibrators with ribbed surface. This goes to show that raised ridges in the ribbed condoms do excite women as the friction caused by the raised ridges and women’s vaginal skin provides greater stimulation leading to phenomenal satisfaction.

Does ribbed condom make the penetration painful and uncomfortable?

Few women have reported negatively about ribbed condoms. Some women have opined that ribbed condoms make sex uncomfortable and distraction. For few women sex becomes painful and they feel that their vagina is being sawed into pieces. For few others ribbed condoms hurt them a lot if it is not used with lubes.

Few women reported that ribbed condom give them an experience as if their vaginas are being scrapped. Further many reported that ribbed condom made them not able to have sex two days in a row as the day one makes them too sore and painful.

Some women needed lots of lubrication when it comes to using ribbed condoms for penetration. Applying and reapplying lubes every minute makes the whole act frustrating for both partners.

How pleasurable are ribbed condoms for men?

Actually men cannot feel any additional pleasure wearing a ribbed condom as the raised ridges are outside and it in no way touches his skin inside. But the pleasure they receive is seeing how their women react during every dip in and dip out.

Sex is all about giving and receiving pleasure.

When they know that they can make their women go wild and see them moaning in ultimate pleasure, which excites them beyond imagination and make them feel intensely aroused. Ribbed condoms don’t provide any direct pleasure to men rather gives them the power to make their women receive exhilarating pleasure during intercourse.

Which is the best condom? Ribbed, Dotted or Textured?

It depends as all the three are meant to enhance the quality of sex. But discreet surveys indicated that women find textured condoms rather painful as the textures are too much for them to handle as it hurts them a lot. Women compare ribbed and dotted as similar in its ability to make intercourse intensely pleasurable.

However opinions differ with women as their experiences are not the same always.

Do ribbed condoms increase pleasure during sex for the female?

It depends on the condom and the woman. The increase in pleasure also depends on the condom and the man. For many women clitoral stimulation leads to orgasm and they hardly get vaginal orgasm.

For such women ribbed condoms are of very little use. But for many others ribbed condoms increase pleasure than the normal skinny dipping as the raised ridges in the ribbed condoms provide a greater sensation leading to enormous pleasure during sex.

Women who don’t like ribbed condoms are advised to try variety of quality ribbed condoms from various brands to see difference in their experience and then come to a conclusion.

In majority of cases one brand may be uncomfortable while the other one could turn out to be a game changer.

What is the best condom for sex with lots of pleasure to both?

Ribbed condoms are known to provide greater pleasure to both partners. Women get greater stimulation and men can feel much better looking at their lover going wild with his action. The feeling can be awesome seeing her going wild with every thrust. Women can experience intense stimulation.

The intensity of stimulation they get out of a ribbed condom is incomparable and certainly not possible with a plain condom or with a bare skin.

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From Start to Finish: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Delay Condoms


Making love is a beautiful experience, and you want to make sure that experience is mind-blowing for both you and your partner. But what if you’re not quite ready yet? What if you need a little more time? That’s where delay condoms come in.

Delay condoms are designed to help men last longer in bed, providing both of you with the extra time you need to reach orgasm. They can be a godsend for men who have a hard time lasting long enough, and they’re also great for couples who want to experiment with different types of play.

Buy Durex Extra Safe Condoms Pack of 3 Online in Pakistan

In this guide, we’ll take a look at everything from how to use delay condoms correctly, to the different types available on the market today. We’ll also answer some common questions about these special condoms. Are they worth trying? The answer may surprise you.

What Are Delay Condoms?

Delay condoms are condoms that help to delay ejaculation. They work by numbing the penis slightly, which in turn delays orgasm.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when using delay condoms:

-They should be used with water-based lubes only

-Do not use them if you’re allergic to latex

-They should not be used for anal sex

Do Delay Condoms Really Work?

You might be wondering if delay condoms really work. And the answer is, absolutely!

Delay condoms are a type of condom that’s designed to help you last longer in bed. They work by slowing down the flow of semen, which gives you a little more time to enjoy the moment.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits you perfectly. And they’re also made from a non-latex material, so they’re perfect for people who have latex allergies.

So if you’re looking for a little extra help in the bedroom, delay condoms are definitely worth a try.

How to Use Delay Condoms

So you’ve picked up a pack of delay condoms and you’re not sure how to use them? No problem. We’re here to walk you through it.

First, make sure that the condom is right-side-out. If it’s not, it won’t fit correctly and could break.

Then, hold the condom at the tips and put it on the head of your penis. Be careful not to pinch the tip—this will cause a leak. And remember: do not use lotion or oil with condoms, as they can break them down.

Once the condom is on, you can start thrusting. But remember to pull out before you ejaculate. If you don’t, the semen will leak out and the condom will break.

Tips for Using Delay Condoms

When it comes to using delay condoms, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience:

1. Always read the instructions before you use a delay condom. This is important, because each brand is a little bit different.

2. Make sure the condom is properly lubricated. A little bit of lube goes a long way when it comes to delaying ejaculation.

3. Put the condom on as soon as you get aroused. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to keep from coming.

4. When you’re about to come, pull out and finish with your hand. This is the best way to avoid any accidents.

Delay Condoms and Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be a real issue for men, and it can leave both partners feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. But help is available in the form of delay condoms.

These condoms are designed to help men last longer in bed, and they work by desensitizing the penis a bit so that more stimulation is needed to reach orgasm. Delay condoms are also thicker than regular condoms, which provides extra cushioning and helps to reduce the sensitivity of the penis.

If you’re looking for a way to overcome premature ejaculation, delay condoms are definitely a good option to consider. Just make sure you talk to your partner about using them, because they may need some time to get used to the new sensation.

Delay Condoms and Sexual Pleasure

When it comes to using delay condoms, pleasure is key.

Sure, they’re designed to help you last longer in bed, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo all the fun. In fact, using a delay condom can actually make sex more pleasurable for both you and your partner. How? By slowing down the process and adding some extra sensation.

Here’s how it works: the condom is made with a special lubricant that helps to prolong ejaculation. This means you can enjoy the ride for longer, without having to worry about finishing too soon. And trust us, your partner will appreciate it!


When using a delay condom, always follow the instructions on the packet. However, as a general guide, here are a few things to remember:

– Apply the condom when you are about to have sex.

– Make sure the condom is put on the right way round – it should unroll easily from the base of the penis.

– Apply enough water-based lube to the outside of the condom – this will help keep it feeling smooth.

– If you feel you are going to climax too soon, withdraw from your partner and stop thrusting until you have regained control.

– When you are ready to climax, gently press into your partner until you reach orgasm.

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Dotted Condoms – The Best Way to Enhance Your Pleasure

Dotted Condoms – The Best Way to Enhance Your Pleasure


You’re probably familiar with the standard, solid-colored condoms. But have you ever tried dotted condoms? They’re a great way to enhance your pleasure during sex.

Dotted Condoms – The Best Way to Enhance Your Pleasure

Dotted condoms have small bumps or dots on the surface to create more stimulation for both you and your partner. This can lead to a more pleasurable experience for both of you.

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In this post, we’ll tell you all about dotted condoms and how they can improve your sex life.

What Are Dotted Condoms?

You’ve probably seen dotted condoms in the store, and you’re wondering what they are. Well, dotted condoms have little raised bumps all over the surface, and they’re designed to increase pleasure for both partners.

The bumps add extra stimulation, and they can help create a tighter seal between the condom and the penis. This is important because it helps prevent leakage and helps keep the condom in place.

Plus, the dots create a pleasurable sensation for the receiver that can be really exciting. If you’re looking to take your sex life to the next level, then give dotted condoms a try.

How Do Dotted Condoms Work?

You know those little dotted condoms that are all the rage these days? They work by stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones. The dots are placed in strategic locations to increase pleasure and sensation.

When you’re using a condom, you want to make sure that it feels good for both of you. That’s why dotted condoms are such a great option—they add an extra layer of excitement to your sexual experience.

If you’re looking for a way to make things even more fun, then give dotted condoms a try!

What Are the Benefits of Dotted Condoms?

When it comes to condoms, the options can be a little overwhelming. Do you want a condom that’s ribbed for her pleasure? One that’s extra-large? A flavored condom?

But among all the choices, dotted condoms are definitely a favorite. Here are just some of the reasons why:

– Dotted condoms help increase pleasure for both partners. The raised dots feel amazing against the skin, and they can help prolong orgasm.

– Dotted condoms are also great for couples who are new to anal sex. The extra stimulation can make things more pleasurable and exciting.

– They’re easy to find and affordable, so there’s no reason not to try them!

How to Choose the Right Dotted Condom for You

When it comes to dotted condoms, there are a lot of choices out there. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Here are a few tips:

1. Consider the size of the dots. If they’re too small, they might not feel that great.

2. Think about the material. If you’re looking for extra stimulation, go for a condom made from a thin material.

3. Consider your partner’s preferences. If they prefer more stimulation, get a condom with larger dots.

With so many choices available, you’re sure to find the perfect dotted condom for your needs.

Where to Buy Dotted Condoms in Pakistan

Looking to buy dotted condoms in Pakistan? Look no further than our online store! We carry a wide range of condoms in a variety of textures, styles and colors to suit your needs.

We also have a variety of dotted condoms for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something that will add extra stimulation or just want something that feels a little bit different, we have the perfect condom for you.

So what are you waiting for? Order your dotted condoms today!

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Dotted Condoms

When it comes to dotted condoms, there are a lot of options out there. But which ones are the best? Here are our top three picks:

1. Do Condoms – These condoms are designed for extra-large guys, and they come with a special lubricant that enhances pleasure.

2. Klimax performax – These condoms are made from synthetic materials, which makes them super-sensitive. They also don’t have any latex or sugar, so they’re great for people with allergies.

3. Feel Max Condoms– These condoms are coated in a special lubricant that helps prolong ejaculation.


When it comes to sex, different things work for different people. However, one thing that many couples swear by is using dotted condoms. Dotted condoms are designed to enhance pleasure for both partners by providing extra stimulation.

If you’ve never tried dotted condoms before, now is the perfect time to give them a go. You can buy dotted condoms online at CondomsOutlet.PK or at your local store, and they’re available in a range of different sizes and styles. So why not experiment and see how they work for you and your partner? You may be surprised at just how good they can be!

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So, what’s so special about ribbed and dotted condoms, and why should you consider using one? Condoms with ribs, dots, and other textures not only help to protect you against STIs and unwanted pregnancies, but they also offer additional stimulation, which can help to unlock more satisfying, intimate sex.

What are ribbed condoms?

Ribbed condoms have little raised ridges running around them, which have been strategically placed to boost sensation during penetrative sex. Although you can get condoms with ribs only, you can also buy dotted condoms or condoms that contain both ribs and dots.

Dotted condoms contain dots along the length of the condom to add extra dimensions of stimulation, with ribbed and dotted condoms containing both ribs and dots.

What do ribbed condoms do?

Ribbed and dotted condoms are not only designed to provide the same level of protection as regular condoms but are also designed specifically to increase the sensation when used.

The ribs and dots along the shaft of the condom provide a contrast to the typically smooth surface of regular condoms, helping you get more out of sex.

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Why use ribbed and dotted condoms?

Choosing to go for textured condoms can help enhance sexual satisfaction, so think of them as a way to unlock extra intimacy & stimulation with your partner. For even more variety, the majority of our lubes and pleasure gels can be used with ribbed and dotted condoms, too – just remember to always check the labels before use.

Whether you prefer smooth condoms or ribbed and dotted condoms, we want to help you find what feels right, so that you can tailor your sexual satisfaction to you and your partner.

Which ribbed condom should I buy?

Want to know where to start when it comes to ribbed and dotted condoms? Explore the incredible range of ribbed and dotted condoms online today.

Why not try our Ribbed & Dotted condoms? With our Pleasure Me condoms, ribs and dots run along the shaft creating extra layers of stimulation upon penetration.



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What are some benefits of dotted and ribbed condoms?

Ribbed and dotted condoms

Condoms have come a long way since the first time they were created. They can help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

There are an array of condoms to pick from and you don’t have to stick to that box of ‘off-the-shelf” standards. Try to experiment in bed by opting for some of the best dotted or ribbed condoms.

But what exactly are dotted or ribbed condoms? Well, don’t worry as we are here to guide you.

Ribbed Condoms

As the name suggests, ribbed condoms have a surface texture and it consists of small raised ridges that cover the circumference of the condom, and they are barely protracted and lifted to offer additional pleasure. Some ribbed condoms have undulating ribs while others have a narrower ribbing effect. Their job is to increase the friction and intensify the sensation around the genitals of the wearer. And, the benefits don’t end here. Ribbed condoms are skillfully designed to provide your partner with more pleasure and stimulation during intercourse. So when things get monotonous by trying the normal condoms, spice up your sex life with ribbed condoms.

Dotted Condoms

Are you bored of using normal condoms that have a flat straight surface? It’s high time you switch to dotted condoms. These condoms have a dot-like pattern on them which increases the stimulation for more pleasure during sex. The best-dotted condoms consist of a series of bumps in the form of circular dots that are spread across the surface. Similar to ribbed, dotted condoms increase friction with an additional intense excitement for both you and your partner- owing to the slightly rougher and varied texture.

Advantages of Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

If you are thinking of radicalizing sexual experience, then ribbed and dotted condoms could be your answer. The textured condoms are designed keeping in mind the stimulation and pleasure of both you and your partner, and it skyrockets your pleasure during intercourse. The unique texture of the dotted condoms and strategically placed dots are meant to uplift the intimate sensation to the next level.

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Both of you will be able to feel the stimulation just where you want it. The condoms are manufactured with the help of exquisite and sheer quality materials. The whole purpose of a textured condom is to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. Textured condoms have been proficiently designed to heighten your pleasure and whether you want to opt for conventional condoms or textured condoms is a personal choice.


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Why do Condoms have flavors?

With changing times, things are changing and improving. The art of love-making has had major transformations over the year, and so did the condom! Nowadays you can go buy flavored condoms online that taste and smells like orange, grape, mint, coffee, baingan, and a lot more.

Condoms are necessary while having sex; this is in order to protect oneself from STDs and avoid unexpected pregnancy. As a matter of fact, condoms should be used at all times, irrespective of you having sexual intercourse or oral sex. When it comes to condoms, there are high chances that you are already saturated with the usage of traditional condoms. How about we add some flavor to it? You never know, flavored condoms might revolutionize the way you have sex by adding more excitement and a sense of fulfillment.

Buy Super 7 Timing Condoms 3’s Online in Pakistan

But why use condoms that have flavor? Are there any benefits of flavored condoms? Let us know more about flavored condoms and what do they do.

Keep STDs at bay

You can easily transmit STDs through oral sex. Therefore, it is necessary to use a condom while indulging in oral sex. One of the prime objectives of flavored condoms is to make oral sex enjoyable for adults.

They make sexual experience even more vibrant

The condom industry has been consistently reinventing itself to make sex more pleasurable. Flavored condoms come in colors that complement the flavors. For example, the strawberry-flavored condom is red in color, whereas Kala-khatta flavored condom is purple. They are easily available in any drug store or supermarket, and it does not cost more than regular condoms. You can also buy flavored condoms from Durex online store.

Take your oral sex game to another level

This is the main reason why condoms have flavor! As unflavoured condoms taste awful, flavored condoms are mindfully designed to improve oral sex. But what is oral sex? This is an important part of foreplay when you stimulate different parts of your partner’s body with your mouth, lips, and tongue. While men love this sensation, the taste of lubricant on the condom can be a turnoff for women. That’s the benefit of flavored condoms.

What role do condoms play in oral sex?

Many people think protection is needed only when having penetrating sex. This is not true. Condoms do more than prevent pregnancy. STDs can spread even when you’re having oral sex. So, when a woman uses her mouth and tongue on her man’s most stimulating parts, there is the risk of infections being transmitted. This can be prevented by using favored condoms.

Keep unwanted pregnancy at bay

There is a major difference in opinion when it comes to the usage of flavored condoms during penetrative sex. According to one set of people, flavored condoms are not effective when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. While the other set says, if used properly, flavored condoms can amplify your love-making experience and provide protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Flavoured condoms are more than the taste

Many believe why condoms have flavor is for their taste. While taste is key when having oral sex, among the benefits of the flavored condom is its smell. For some, the smell of private parts can be a mood spoiler. The fragrance of flavored condoms can help with this.


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Top Ten Timing Condoms in Pakistan

Top Ten Timing Condoms in Pakistan

Our pick of the best climax control condoms on the market to help you last longer in bed.

Can Condoms Help with Premature Ejaculation?

If you think you might have an underlying health condition then you should definitely seek medical advice. But if you simply need to work on your staying power, more often than not a climax control condom can fix it. Condoms for premature ejaculation usually fit into three categories:

1. Klimax Ultra Condoms – Timing – Improves Erection

Klimax Ultra condoms are specifically designed to ensure ultra-performance and erection. Klimax Ultra prolongs climax to ensure the ultimate sexual experience. Its soft studs ensure a memorable erotic climax.

2. Do Extra Delay Condom

Do Extra Delay Condoms Contains Benzocaine, which helps delay climax for longer-lasting lovemaking.
Silky smooth lubricant outside for longer-lasting pleasure.

3.Feel Max Timing Condoms

Feel Max Timing Condoms – Designed to prolong the pleasure, experience long-lasting pleasure
Makes him last longer – Condom has Performa Lubricant which contains benzocaine to delay climax for him.

4. Do Timing Dotted Ribbed Condoms

Do Timing Dotted Ribbed Condoms – This condom is designed and textured for an intense and synchronized experience for him and her, helping to reach a climax together!
For both of you – Designed for both of you, enjoy a closer, synced experience.

Do Timing Dotted Ribbed Condoms lasts longer – Lubricated with Performa Lubricant which contains benzocaine to make him last longer.

5. Klimax Performax Condoms

Delayed: Delaying agent in Klimax Performax provides extended pleasure and performance.
Contoured: Gives an intrinsic feel to both partners, making the experience more pleasurable.
Super soft studs: Very delicately and softly raised studs to increase the intensity of vaginal stimulation.

Buy Super 7 Dotted Condoms 3’s Online in Pakistan

6. Durex Performa Condoms Extra Time

Durex Performa condoms contain a special lube – called Benzocaine – inside the condom which helps the man to delay climax and prolong excitement…for longer-lasting sex.

The special way we make Durex Extended Pleasure condoms means they smell better so there are no unpleasant distractions, you can just relax and enjoy.

7. Touch Delay Condom – Timing Condoms

Touch Delay Condom Contains special delay lubricant benzocaine that enhances and prolongs the pleasure
An effective, reliable, and convenient method of family planning.
lubricated and made with natural rubber latex for effective protection.

8. Non Stop Timing Dotted Condoms

Non-Stop Timing Condoms are made from premium quality natural latex. Non-Stop condoms are designed for pleasure and total reliability. Each Non-Stop condom is electronically tested and hermetically sealed for maximum protection and safety. Lubricated, contoured dotted condoms with reservoir teat for extra sensitivity and satisfaction. Nominal width of 52mm.

9. Unidus Long Love Timing Condoms

Unidus Long Love Condoms One of our best-selling condoms amongst all categories, Unidus Long Love Condoms are delay condoms, which prolong your erection and delay your climax for greater satisfaction.

10. More Amore Dotted Condoms For Timing

More Amore Condoms Unbelievable power of love in you and your partner. This amazingly mega-studded condom brings out the wild passion in you.