Super Dotted Condoms Pakistan

Super Dotted Condoms Pakistan is a new innovation that is happening in the world of condoms. As condoms are mostly used as sexual pleasure enhancers, over and above its safety aspect, consistent research is being initiated to bring out new variants that can provide enhanced pleasure for both partners during their intimacy.

Super Dotted Condoms Pakistan is not a regular dotted condom with multiple dots. In this category, the dots are bigger than usual to help partners achieve out-of-the-world experience during their physical intimacy. In the super dotted condoms, the dots are highly pronounced, say, 50% bigger than the usual dotted condoms. Super dotted condoms help partners achieve better friction, firmer rubbing experience and thus achieve great stimulation and enjoyment for the receiving partner. Her highly sensual reaction can enhance his arousal to dizzy heights making it an amazing experience for both of them.

As the condom provides much needed safety and also enhances pleasure during experience, partners can indulge in the love making with a better confidence and happy mind-set. This can lead to partners exploring various positions and prolonging their duration with every session as they both will be eager to experience more sexual peaks during their erotic journey together.

For those folks who are concerned about specifics:

Depth of a regular dotted condom varies between 0.25-0.3 mm, whereas super dotted comes in 0.4-0.45mm
Width of regular condom is 1mm and for super dotted, it is 1.5-2mm.
Super dotted condoms are sure to add spice to your sexual life and allow you to bring back that extra fun into your bedroom. The dots are strategically positioned to give quivering pleasure to her as the protruding dots provide an amazing sensation by rubbing at sensitive points in her moist vaginal walls. If you have not seen her moaning capacity, then trying out with super dotted condoms is the easiest way to give her a moaning session.

If you are already in a satisfying sex life, you may think ‘I don’t need super dotted condoms’. But we recommend you to try as you will be surprised with the amount of pleasure that you can derive with super dotted ones. As the dots are soft, rigid and positioned at strategic points, it can give her enormous pleasure that will leave her gasping for more.

With every dip in and dip out, you can take her to dizzy heights of pleasure and you can find her secreting more vaginal juice than ever before.

It is hard to explain the kind of reaction she will give during the vaginal sex with ‘super dotted condom’ on. It needs to be experienced and when you give it a try, she is sure to make it her favourite and your love making will move onto different levels altogether. As you can conveniently order super dotted condoms online, there is no harm in giving it a try.

After the first purchase, we are sure that you will place orders for a month’s stock.

Super Dotted Condoms Pakistan – FAQs
What is a super dotted condom?

Generally a condom has smooth and plain texture. A dotted condom is the one that comes with tiny projections along the body of the condom which gives extreme pleasure to woman as the tiny dots can rub against the sensitive spots inside her vagina. Super dotted condoms are the ones that come with more dots than the traditional dotted condom.

It is estimated that a super dotted condom has 1500 dots all along the length of the condom. According to recent survey most women voted for super dotted condoms as they receive heightened pleasure when they have sex with their partners with super dotted condoms on.

What is the difference between a normal and a super dotted condom?
Normal condoms are something that has a plain and smooth surface without any texture or protrusion. These condoms are also called ‘straight walled’ condoms. A normal condom is meant for offering protection from unwanted conception and STDs.

Super dotted condoms have a tiny raised structure or dots all over the condom surface. These tiny protrusions provide extra friction and greater stimulation for the receiving partner and in the process evokes a deeper sexual arousal for both partners.

Super dotted condoms are created with a purpose to allow couples enjoy a highly stimulating sex as the tiny projections are strategically placed to rub the sensitive spots inside the vaginal walls including the g-spot.

A super dotted condom is created not only to give protection but also to allow couples enjoy enhanced pleasure.

Does a super dotted condom really give more pleasure during sex?

Yes. A super dotted condom can give pleasure to both partners during sex. Super dotted condoms give more pleasure to women as they rub against the nerve endings on the moist vaginal walls giving them extreme pleasure. Super dots can also push against and stroke the g-spot, making women experience quivering pleasure instantly.

With each dip in and dip out, a woman can feel heightened pleasure as the tiny projections or dots on the condom surface runs through highly sensitive tissues on the vaginal walls. A woman can instantly feel the difference in pleasure from normal condom to a super dotted condom even during the first push in and out.

The pleasure of seeing his partner going wild and making all sorts of moans as an indication of receiving extreme pleasure can drive him crazy and can arouse him even more to continue the thrust even harder and faster. This can give an instant high and extreme pleasure for men as they are able to give enormous pleasure through their organ with a super dotted condom on.

Further, the extra dots ensure a better stimulation of genitals and there is always a better chance of both partners achieving exploding orgasms. Super dotted condoms have been received well in Pakistan and this variant has become one of the top-selling condom variants in Pakistan.

Almost all leading condom brands have introduced ‘super dotted’ condoms as it can clearly enhance pleasure during physical intimacy.

Some of the super dotted condom also comes in exotic flavours. Are they suitable for oral act?

A super dotted condom has tiny projections all over its body. These tiny projections may provide unnatural feel to a women when she holds a stiff manhood with a super dotted condom on. Super dotted condoms are meant to provide greater stimulation to women through vaginal sex. So, super dotted condoms are not suitable for oral sex, though a woman can perform oral sex. But it won’t be that comfortable.

Among several types, which particular type of condom gives the most pleasure during sex?

When it comes to providing extra pleasure, dotted, ribbed and ribbed & dotted condoms are the ones that have proven to provide highest pleasure during sex. Dotted condoms create friction by rubbing against sensitive points inside her vagina and can even stroke her g-spot giving her enormous pleasure which she may not experience during an intercourse with a normal condom or during a natural skinny dipping.

Super Dotted condoms create extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the receiving partner, evoking a deeper sexual response from both. Dotted condoms helps in better stimulation of the vagina and help the woman to orgasm better. Super dotted condoms have simple dots to raised dots to 1500 dots in a condom.

More the dots more will be the pleasure due to friction.

How do girls find super dotted condoms? Is it painful for them?

For most of the girls using a super dotted condom ends in a pleasurable experience. They never reported to have had any pain during the intercourse. However, the tiny dots present in the condom do make it a painful ordeal for many women.

Particularly during their first encounter with a super dotted condom as the friction may be too overwhelming that they have reported pain and discomfort during intercourse. Irrespective of pain reported by few women, point to be noted that a super dotted condom will not harm or cause rough friction as the dots are made using high quality latex and are usually rigid but soft.

Unless you have a big organ and you thrust it down her vagina too hard, she may not feel any pain using a super dotted condom under normal circumstances.

How super dotted condom enhances pleasure for men?

During sex, pleasure can come from two ways, giving and receiving. With a super dotted condom, certainly women are at the receiving end. Men in that case are pleasure givers. Through her loud moans and body language, she makes it evident the kind of pleasure that she receives with every thrust by her partner. This gives a high and makes him push even more to make her enjoy every bit of their coital time. When he sees her getting wild, he gets even more aroused.

The increased arousal and the feeling that he is able to give extreme pleasure to her sweetie makes him enjoy every bit of the action. A man too can derive phenomenal pleasure by using a super dotted condom.

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