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Do 3 in 1 condoms price in PakistanDo 3 in 1 condoms price in Pakistan

Exploring Pleasure and Protection: 3-in-1 Condoms and the World of Ribbed, Dotted, and Delay

Introduction: When it comes to intimate moments, the perfect fusion of pleasure and protection is key. In the diverse world of condoms, 3-in-1 variants stand out, offering not just safety but also added features like ribbed, dotted, and delay elements. Let’s dive into the exciting realm of intimate wellness and uncover the price of Do 3 in 1 condoms in Pakistan while exploring the unique textures designed to elevate your experience.

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Understanding 3-in-1 Condom: Do 3 in 1 condom go beyond the basics of protection. They are crafted to enhance pleasure through three key features: ribbed, dotted, and delay. Each of these elements contributes to a more exciting and prolonged intimate experience.

Pricing Overview: The price of Do 3 in 1 condoms in Pakistan vary based on factors such as brand, quantity, and additional features. On average, these condoms are competitively priced, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers seeking both safety and pleasure.

Exploring Ribbed, Dotted, and Delay Condoms:

  1. Ribbed Condoms: Designed with strategically placed ridges, ribbed condoms aim to heighten sensation for both partners. Do offer 3-in-1 condom, adding a textured dimension to intimate moments.
  2. Dotted Condoms: Dotted condoms feature small, raised dots that create extra friction and stimulation. Do is known for its innovative dotted 3-in-1 condoms, ensuring a delightful experience for couples seeking an extra level of pleasure.
  3. Delay Condoms: For those looking to prolong the experience, delay condoms are designed with special lubricants to help control climax. Do offers delay features, allowing for a more extended and enjoyable connection.

Popular Brands and Their Prices:

  1. Do 3 in 1 Condoms: Renowned for quality and innovation, Do offers a range of 3-in-1 condoms. Prices typically range from Rs.200 for a pack of 3 condoms.
  2. Do Silk Ultra Thin Condoms: Do silk combines safety and pleasure in its condoms, with prices starting at R2.200 for a pack of 3 condoms.
  3. Do Extra Delay Condoms: Do Extra caters to the younger demographic with playful and affordable 3-in-1 condoms. Prices begin at Rs.200 for a pack of 3 condoms.

Where to Purchase: You can easily find these innovative condoms at local pharmacies, supermarkets, and online stores. Platforms like CondomsOutlet.Pk offer a diverse selection, allowing you to compare prices and choose the perfect product to suit your desires and budget.

Conclusion: In the world of intimate wellness, Do 3 in 1 condom¬†provide a holistic approach to pleasure and protection. Whether you’re exploring the textured delights of ribbed and dotted condoms or seeking a more extended experience with delay condoms, the options available in Pakistan cater to a variety of preferences. Elevate your intimate moments with the perfect blend of safety and pleasure, because when it comes to connection, every detail matters.