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Timing Condoms in Pakistan: A Guide to Brands and Prices

Navigating the world of timing condoms in Pakistan involves understanding the various brands available and their respective prices. In this guide, we’ll explore popular timing condom brands in Pakistan, shedding light on their features and providing insights into the pricing dynamics.

1. Josh Delay Condoms


  • Josh Delay Condoms are a well-known brand in Pakistan, recognized for their effectiveness in prolonging sexual activity.
  • Infused with desensitizing agents, they aim to address concerns related to premature ejaculation.

Price Range:

  • Prices for Josh Delay Condoms typically range from PKR 1200 to PKR 2400 for a pack of 10 to 12 condoms.

2. Sathi Plus Condoms


  • Sathi Plus Condoms are designed to enhance endurance and boost confidence in the bedroom.
  • They are trusted for their quality and adherence to international safety standards.

Price Range:

  • Sathi Plus Condoms are available at a price range of PKR 150 to PKR 900 for a pack of 8 to 10 condoms.

3. Non Stop Timing Condoms


  • Non Stop Timing Condoms focus on providing uninterrupted pleasure during intimate moments.
  • They are known for their affordability and accessibility in the Pakistani market.

Price Range:

  • The price of Non Stop Timing Condoms typically falls between PKR 260 to PKR 1200 for a pack of 6 to 8 condoms.

4. Touch Delay Condoms


  • Touch Delay Condoms are crafted to provide a tactile and extended intimate experience.
  • They aim to strike a balance between sensitivity and endurance.

Price Range:

  • The price range for Touch Delay Condoms is approximately PKR 150 to PKR 900 for a pack of 10 to 12 condoms.

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5. Do Ultra Thin Condoms


  • Do Ultra Thin Condoms are recognized for combining the benefits of timing with a thinner profile.
  • They appeal to those who value sensitivity along with prolonged pleasure.

Price Range:

  • Prices for Do Ultra Thin Condoms usually range from PKR 200 to PKR 1200 for a pack of 12 to 15 condoms.

Choosing the Right Timing Condom: Considerations

Affordability and Preferences:

  • When choosing a timing condom, individuals often consider both affordability and personal preferences.
  • Factors like thickness, material, and added features contribute to the decision-making process.

Communication with Partners:

  • Open communication with partners is crucial for selecting the right timing condom.
  • Discussing preferences and comfort levels ensures a mutually satisfying experience.


Understanding the variety of timing condoms available in Pakistan, along with their respective prices, allows individuals to make informed decisions based on their preferences and budget. Whether one opts for the effectiveness of Josh Delay, the affordability of Non Stop Timing, or the balance of Touch Delay, the key is to prioritize both protection and pleasure.